“AM in a nutshell” Training officially proved by Formula 1


The time for Additive Manufacturing is now! But there still remains the question, how to start with AM and how can you benefit from Additive Manufacturing? Our AM in a nutshell training answers exactly those questions and let you learn from a leading AM expert. Since a few days this training is even proved [...]

APWORKS launches AMXpert – The Industrial 3D Printing Hub


AMXpert is the new online platform, software solution, and 3D printing market place for additively manufactured metal parts. It combines cost analysis, printability checks, and the entire order process. With this platform the delivery of your 3D printed parts is only a few clicks away. You can now order and validate your metal 3D [...]

Let’s print the future together! Premium AEROTEC acquires APWORKS


Premium AEROTEC is a pioneer in implementing metal 3D printing for aviation. The company is the first aviation supplier that was able to introduce 3D printed titanium components into the structure of aircraft. Premium AEROTEC has full capability throughout the entire additive manufacturing process chain, from product conception to development and the actual printing [...]

APWORKS and TOYAL announce a strategic partnership in the further development, production and distribution of Scalmalloy®


TOYAL will produce the patented aluminium alloy Scalmalloy® on the company’s know-how and is focussed on potential further developments in the composition of the alloy or in relation to an optimized production process. In addition, TOYAL will distribute the high-performance alloy through its own distribution network. “We are convinced that TOYAL is a cooperation [...]

APWORKS creates strategic partnership with LPW to broaden the availability of Scalmalloy®


APWORKS creates strategic partnership with LPW to broaden the availability of Scalmalloy®. Furthermore LPW is focused on developments in the composition of the alloy or in relation to an optimized production process. Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of APWORKS, Sven Lauxmann, comments, “Partnering strategically with an AM metal powder specialist such as LPW further [...]

3i Print Partnership Project


Classic car meets future technology: VW Caddy fitted with 3D-Printed front-end structure Altair, APWORKS, csi entwicklungstechnik, EOS GmbH, GERG, and Heraeus have used the front-end structure of a classic VW Caddy to demonstrate the full potential of industrial 3D printing within the automotive industry. The structure is very light, stable, and, at [...]

New partner companies for the production of Scalmalloy® components


APWORKS is expanding its Scalmalloy®-network of partner companies in Additive Manufacturing to the countries of France, Italy and Austria. With qualifying the companies M&H CNC Technik GmbH (Austria), ZARE (Italy) and Poly-Shape (France), we have taken the next step towards an extensive availability of printed parts out of the high-strength aluminum alloy Scalmalloy®. The [...]

A somewhat different project – A 3D printed Geoid


3D Printing offers the possibility to create parts with almost no design limitations. In one of the latest projects Airbus Satellite data was used to build a Geoid sphere that represents the globe. 3D Printing out of high quality titanium stands for the first-class data Airbus is collecting with its satellites. The 3D [...]

One step further to qualified serial production


APWORKS collaborates with Dassault Systèmes to advance the use of additive manufacturing for serial production. The collaboration will leverage Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and APWORKS’ consulting, engineering and production expertise for new developments in the virtual validation of the additive manufacturing process. The new industry solution will be extended by an integrated process that provides digital [...]