As ductile as titanium, as light as aluminium

What is Scalmalloy®?

  • Scalmalloy® is world’s first material specifically developed for the ALM process

  • Scalmalloy® is an aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy with a unique microstructure, strength and ductility compared to other aluminum alloy powders

  • Scalmalloy® is a second generation high-strength aluminum powder developed and patented by APWORKS

  • Scalmalloy® is a material which works on all powder-bed SLM machines in operation since years

What is unique about Scalmalloy®?

Scalmalloy® unites the best of both “worlds” – Titanium and Aluminum

Scalmalloy® offers excellent material properties

  • Very good weldability

  • Very good corrosion resistance

  • Excelent (low) coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Very stable microstructure at high temperatures up to 250°C

  • Excellent characteristics for conventional machining process

  • Excellent application of various conventional anodizing processes

Scalmalloy® creates added value to your parts and economic benefit to your products

“Combining the benefits of metallic 3D printing with new materials can greatly expand the possibilities for modern components”


Scalmalloy® in various applications


Aerospace – “Bionic Partition”


Automotive – “Heat Exchanger”


Space – “Satellite Panel”


Aerospace – “Bracket”


Others – “Light Rider”


How to become a Scalmalloy® user?


  • Standardized Scalmalloy® certification process for all powder-bed SLM machines available

  • Start of production with Scalmalloy® on shortest time

Certified Scalmalloy® manufacturing partners


3D Printing Machines: SLM280, SLM500 4x700W

Maximum Build Space: 500 x 280 x 360 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, AlSi10Mg, TiAl6V4 ELI (grade 23) Inconel 718, 1.2709, 316L(1.4404)

Production focus: Prototyping and small series production, conventional manufacturing

Post processing: Various post treatment methods available such as, milling, …

Specialties: Offering consulting, design, optimization, printing, mechanical post processing and quality control up to the finished part from one provider

Contact: Neudorf 171 / 8262 Ilz / Austria

+ 43 (0) 33 85/24 570 /


Maximum Build Space: 250 x 250 x 280 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, AlSi10Mg, TiAl6V4

Production focus: Prototyping and small series production

Post processing: 


Contact: Via 4 Novembre, 37 / A 42022 BORETTO (RE) / ITALY

3D Printing Machines: EOS M400, Concept Laser M2, Concept Laser M2 Dual, Concept Laser X-Line, SLM Solutions 280, SLM Solutions 500, EOS M290, EOS M280, Concept Laser M1

Maximum Build Space: 800 x 400 x 500 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, AlSi10Mg, TiAl6V4

Production focus: Prototyping and small series production

Post processing: 


Contact: 235, Rue des Canesteu -ZI La Gandonne  / 13300 Salon de Provence / France

3D Printing Machines: EOS M290

Maximum Build Space: 250 x 250 x 300 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, AlSi10Mg, AlSi7Mg, In718, TiAl6V4

Production focus: Prototyping and series production

Post processing: 

Thermal treatment under protective atmosphere up to 1.100°C, under air up to 1300°C, with calibrated thermocouples and datalogger

Sandblasting cabins (with different media)

Atex saw for automated and controlled parts removal from the platforms

CNC machining (with Heidenhain command, measurement probe, and CAM software)


Density measurement by Archimede’s method

Density measurement and porosity mapping (image analysis on micrographs with validated thresholding procedure) with Olympus DSX510 digital microscope

Microstructure control by optical microscopy (in house metallography lab)

Micro vickers hardness testing

Line and Surface roughness via confocal microscopy

Line roughness via standard rugosimeter (TESA)
3D dimensional control: 3D arm (Romer) with probes and laser scanner (Hexagon RS3) for dimensional control, with metrology program

1D dimensionnal control: 1D measurement column (TESA)

Other manual metrology equipment


One of the main leaders in Additive Manufacturing for industry in Europe, Any-Shape supports every day companies to  exploit the full possibilities of industrial 3D printing and to contribute to the development of their innovative projects. Any-Shape is active on the whole value chain with state-of-the art equipments for production (both metal and plastic), post-treatment and control. Any-Shape’s activities is mainly based on three Business Units able to propose specific answers to specific requirements: « High-tech parts », « Tooling & molds » and « Medical devices ». Our main markets are today aeronautics, space, defense and automotive.


Roger COCLE / CEO / / +32 476 954327

3D Printing Machines: EOS M400, EOS M290, ARCAM A2X

Maximum Build Space: 400 x 400 x 400 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, Ti64, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, AlSi10Mg, MS1, 316L, CX

Production focus:

Pankl Racing Systems specialises in developing and manufacturing engine and drivetrain components for racing cars, high performance vehicles and the aerospace industry.

Post processing: 

Pankl Racing Systems has an up-to-date machine pool and high-precision measuring equipment at its disposal, guaranteeing the successful manufacturing of products made from a range of materials and with highly complex geometries and narrow tolerances. High-precision and complex components for Formula 1, aircraft and helicopters as well as for vehicles in the premium segment are produced in high-tech machining centres.

In addition to that Pankl has an up-to-date heat treatment and HIP equipment (Quintus) in house and can offer the complete AM process out of one hand.


Pankl is leading so far the largest cooperation of technology enterprises in the fields of powder development, process technology and application engineering, the Pankl Additive Manufacturing Competence Center PAMCC.

Together with globally known brands such as voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl, EOS and Quintus Technologies, Pankl Racing Systems has set up its competence centre with the goal of pushing the limits of AM further and to strengthen its position particularly in the automotive high-perfor­mance and aerospace fields.


Pankl Racing Systems AG / / +43 (0) 3862 33 999-0

3D Printing Machines: Concept Laser M2 LaserCusing (2), Concept Laser MLab LaserCusing

Maximum Build Space: 250 x 250 x 280 mm³

Materials used: Scalmalloy®, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, AlSi10Mg, AlSi12Mg, Haynes 282, Monel K500, GRCop-84, 316L, 17-4PH, W-Re

Production focus:

Aerospace industry prototypes, short production runs, low volume production

Post processing: 

Density measurement, Hardness measurement, Tensile property evaluation, Dry media blasting, wet media blasting, wire EDM, CNC machining, structured light scanning, AS9100/ISO9001 certification


SLM process development, Fully dense materials, Excellent surface finish (100-200 micro-in/in), Design for additive engineering, Full engineering design and analysis (thermal, structural, fluids, etc.), Rocket propulsion technology demonstration


Dr. Joe Sims 1-256-562-2191
Mr. Pat McKenzie 1-256-562-2199

3D Printing Machines: 

Trumpf TruPrint 5000 (1), Trumpf TruPrint 3000 (5), Trumpf TruPrint 1000 green laser (1), EOS M290 (1), Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser (1), Concept Laser M1 cusing (1), Concept Laser M2 cusing (1)

Maximum Build Space:

Ø300mm x 400mm (Zylindrical Trumpf Machines), 250mm x 250mm x 325mm and Ø100mm x 100mm

Materials used: 

Scalmalloy®, Inconcel® 625, Inconel® 718, Haynes® 282, Ti6Al4V, Cu, CuCr1Zr

Production focus:

Complete process chain from the design of a component, through production to post-processing and quality assurance. Industries: v.a. Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Automotive / Motorsport, Special Machinery, Semiconductor and Optical.

Post processing: 

Heat treatment (stress relief annealing, brazing, if necessary, a vacuum oven is available)
Separation from the building plate via wire EDM or sawing
Finishing of components in machining: Approx. 60 machines in the field of turning, milling, combination of turning and milling
Classical quality assurance: optical measurement, tactile measurement, non-destructive surface inspection (certified by Nadcap NDT), various labeling procedures
AM-specific quality assurance (own laboratory): static strength analysis, dynamic strength analysis, density / porosity analysis, oxygen / nitrogen analysis, microstructure analysis


Certified to EN9100 and EN13485
Certified to Nadcap WLD for AM
Certified to Nadcap NDT (PT)
Certified to TÜV Süd AM standard
Part screening and design support
Parameter and process development
Own AM laboratory
Consulting and training over the complete process chain AM Metall


Christoph Hauck (CEO, Focus on new technologies: ; +49 9172 69 56 153
Tobias Stengel (Head of Sales) ; +49 9172 69 56 162

3D Printing Machines: 

EOS M290

Maximum Build Space:

250 x 250 x 325 mm

Materials used: 

Scalmalloy®, 15-5 PH, Ti6Al4V

Production focus:

R &D aeronautical sector, design of medical device

Post processing: 

Machining,  sandblasting, electropolishing, dry electropolishing, testing, SEM, EDS


Improvement of surface quality, simulation software expert users


Javier Botana,, +34 956483338

Documents and Materials on Scalmalloy®

Scalmalloy® material is designed to be processed using Laser Powder Bed Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) processes. Due to the high cooling rates and rapid solidification, a unique microstructure is achieved which rivals the performance of the highest grade aluminium foundry products.

Material Data Sheet – Scalmalloy®

Coupling the material properties with the design freedom provided by ALM processes can enable high performance parts with a level of functionality previously impossible to achieve.

Get more details in our Scalmalloy® Overview

The APWORKS certification process ensures a steady high quality of Scalmalloy® parts guaranteeing that the mechanical properties are met. Parameters are available on all latest powder-bed SLM machines.

Get more details on our Scalmalloy® Certification Process

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